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Alan Hammond is the founder and CEO of Portal Publishing. He has been active in the online publishing industry since 1995 when he worked on an early film and TV industry website. He later worked for South African's first online news portal,, where he was initially the entertainment editor before later being promoted to Managing Editor of the web publication.

Alan contributes articles to all the Portal Publishing websites and manages operations and strategy for the company along with his management team.

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Cyril Ramaphosa Vaccinated
After a few false starts South Africa's Covid-19 vaccine programme has begun with President Cyril Ramaphosa leading the way. He said he was happy to show his confidence in the vaccine as the first frontline health workers were vaccinated in Cape Town.
British war veteran and celebrated charity fundraiser, Captain Sir Tom Moore, has died at the age of 100. He was surrounded by his family in his final hours as he succumbed to pneumonia and Covid-19 at the Bedford Hospital. The Queen and the UK Prime Minister led tributes to the man whose charity efforts at the age of 99 inspired the country, and the wider world, during the first hard lockdown.
The end of the music retail era will get much closer when the country's last remaining music and video chain, Musica, closes it's final stores in a few months time.
Minister Jackson Mthembu
The President has expressed his condolences on the passing of Minister Jackson Mthembu who has passed away, ten days after testing positive for Covid-19. He was treated at the Pretoria military hospital when he was originally found to be infected.
After the most contested transfer of power in recent times, President Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Former Senator Kamala Harris was sworn as Vice President.
Since the large mob of pro-Trump supporters stormed into the US Congress to stop the sitting of lawmakers yesterday there have been many calls for action to be taken against President Donald Trump. Even though he only has two weeks left in office, the current top ranking Democrat, Nancy Pelosi has called for him to be removed from the Presidency immediately.
Joe Biden Kamala Harris
Despite the disruptions caused when a large mob of protesters stormed into the US Capitol buildings, the country's lawmakers continued their session until the early hours of the morning to officially confirm Joe Biden's victory in the Presidential elections.
Donald Trump Supporters
Pro-Trump supporters have stormed the US Congress where lawmakers were confirming the Presidential election results. Encouraged by Donald Trump who was holding a rally in Washington DC, his supporters have broken through police lines to disrupt the government in action.
President Cyril Ramaphosa called on the country to have a very different New Year's Eve this year, with a move away from busy parties to small family gatherings as a way to combat Covid-19. He also took his own advice and light a candle in Khayelitsha in honour of the health care workers we lost this year.
Kent Lorry Crisis
The county of Kent in the South East of Britain has been turned into an enormous lorry park with nearly 3000 articulated lorries stranded there. The trucks were forced to line both sides of the major roads and then also and fill up a disused airfield as they were unable to leave the UK.