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Alan Hammond is the founder and CEO of Portal Publishing. He has been active in the online publishing industry since 1995 when he worked on an early film and TV industry website. He later worked for South African's first online news portal,, where he was initially the entertainment editor before later being promoted to Managing Editor of the web publication.

Alan contributes articles to all the Portal Publishing websites and manages operations and strategy for the company along with his management team.


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An official announcement from the White House has confirmed that President Donald Trump is to be transferred to hospital to continue his treatment for Covid-19. He is expected to be admitted for a number of days of treatment.
The annual Apple event where they launch their new and updated products is usually a crowded and exciting evening for those present. This year things were different as Apple fans from across the world were able to view the virtual event from the Cupertino headquarters and find out what the news was on the latest iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and the rest of the Apple family.
They might be on opposite sides of the Atlantic but Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl, and Nandi Bushell the 10-year-old from England, are still challenging each other to see who is the best drummer! And things just got, as Nandi might say, 'crazy!' (Photo credit @Blakelely737)
Undertakers are on strike for three days in support of the demands they have made against the government, which they believe is ignoring them and not supporting them in the difficult work they are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Amazon Cellphone
The near-global lockdown has been terrible news for some industries - but for others it has led to a big increase in sales. Ecommerce has been one of the lucky ones - and Amazon has been one of the most successful.
Nearly 20% of high school students in the US are vaping - and the producers of the e-cigarettes are being criticised for flavouring their products in a way that makes them more attractive to young people. Researchers believe that they are doing this deliberately to get young people addicted.
Stormzy Superheroes
It was a big day for pupils at Manchester Academy in Britain when rapper Stormzy chose them as the first people, 'on planet earth' to see his new video Superheroes - dedicated to recently deceased movie star Chadwick Boseman.
She's funny and she's ingenious - and now she's showing us how to cook as well! Suzelle DIY is back, this time with her friend Willyballs, to show us how to make the perfect vetkoek.
Climate change is a problem that threatens the long term survival of humans on earth, but Covid-19 presents a much more urgent threat so Greta Thunberg has been clear with supporters that school strikes must be held responsibly.
Bad news if you were hoping to relax this weekend doing anything that requires electrical power! The loadshedding that has been plaguing the country during the week will continue through the weekend, Eskom has confirmed.