Child Support Payments Delayed

The Justice Department has informed beneficiaries of child maintenance that payments will be delayed due to departmental systems, including MojaPay, not being accessible.


According to a statement issued on Tuesday, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has notified child maintenance recipients that payments may be delayed due to the inaccessibility of government services, including MojaPay.

MojaPay is the payment system used by the department to manage maintenance payments. 

While the department is unable to confirm an exact date when the needed systems will be restored, it will ensure that all child maintenance money is kept secure until payment to the proper recipients is made when the systems are restored.

The existing system issues have no bearing on the receiving of child maintenance funds from the paying parent or on employers who deduct these funds from the paying parent's salary. The child support payments will be made on a monthly basis as planned.

Furthermore, IT professionals from the department, industry partners, and chosen state organs are collaborating to restore the systems damaged by the ransomware assault, including MojaPay, as quickly as possible.

The department has also stated that the MojaPay system will be given top priority to minimise any difficulty to maintenance beneficiaries,

“The IT experts have thus far managed to come up with an alternative email system for better coordination of the department’s crisis response plan.

The department added that the new email solution has been migrated to various levels of staff. The departmental website had also been restored, allowing for the public to receive updates on services.

As a temporary measure, the Master's Offices are using a manual process to provide bereaved families with access to funds from the deceased's banking account for burial costs in exceptional cases. During this time of crisis, no manual letters of executorship or authority will be issued.

On Thursday last week, The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development revealed in a statement that its Information Technology systems had been interrupted due to a security breach.

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