Dave Grohl and Nandi - The Challenge Continues

Nandi Bushell is only 10 years old but clearly loves music. Her Twitter bio describes her as British/Zulu from Ipswich in the UK, with a love for life. That certainly comes through in her music. The Twitter account (which her parents manage for her) shows her playing the drums with gusto, as well as many other instruments.  She's equally accomplished with the guitar or on a keyboard; and is a dab hand at looping.

In June this year the video of her version of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Chile on a Fender guitar received more than 80 000 views. It was part of a series by Fender which was used for raising funds for worthy causes.  

Nandi has come to the attention of some major rock stars already. After she published videos of covers of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave songs, musician Tom Morello saw her work and was so impressed that he gave her his Fender guitar.  

Other highlights of her celebrity lifestyle include appearing on Ellen, meeting Lenny Kravitz backstage and appearing with Dua Lipa while she was on tour. 

Then on August 17th Nandi uploaded her version of Foo Fighters' Everlong and challenged the bands' lead singer Dave Grohl to a 'drum off'. Of course Dave Grohl accepted! You don't get the moniker 'nicest man in rock' for nothing! Then Nandi published the video of her reaction to watching Dave's video reply.

Grohl wasn't going to disappoint the tween drum prodigy and two weeks later recorded a video in response to her challenge. He tells Nandi that he received texts from hundreds of people telling him about the challenge. He told her she was an incredible drummer and she performed his songs perfectly.  

In case you missed that, when Dave Grohl has a casual jam session in his house of course he gets John Paul Jones from 70s 'super band' Led Zeppelin to jam with him!

Grohl became famous in the 90s as the drummer for grunge rock band Nirvana.  After the death from suicide of lead singer Kurt Cobain the band split up and Grohl later formed Foo Fighters.  Grohl has never played drums for Foo Fighters, where he plays the role of lead singer and lead guitarist. As he explained to Nandi, Taylor Hawkins is the drummer for Foo Fighters and is the one who usually plays the drums on Everlong. 

Dave Grohl acceded to Nandi winning round one but he promised something special for round two! Now it's here! Dave Grohl and his daughters have recorded a video with a theme song for young Nandi. Every superhero needs a theme song, says Dave!

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