28 Dead In Eastern Cape Bus Crash

28 people have died and others injured when a bus crashed along the N2 between East London and Butterworth. The bus is said to have plunged 200 meters down a steep embankment.


Authorities are investigating circumstances surrounding the deadly Eastern Cape bus crash on the N2 that claimed 28 people lives and left 24 others injured on Monday night. 

The accident occurred at Kei Cuttings, a few kilometres from the Kei Bridge, between East London and Butterworth.

The crash is believed to have been caused by the driver losing control which resulted in the bus falling 200 metres down a steep embankment. 

Eastern Cape's Transport Department official, Unathi Binqose, says that the actual cause of the crash is yet to be fully determined adding that they have managed to retrieve the bus from the embankment to the nearest police for crash investigators to assess whether it was roadworthy.

Binqose says that survivors have also pointed out that the bus had problems that worsened throughout its trip since its departure from Cape Town, which is also an area of focus in the investigation.

We have heard that they have said that there were some problems with the bus. It had problems ever since it left Cape Town and of course unfortunately it lost control 1000 kilometres later claiming 28 lives including that of the driver.

He added that they are confident that the death toll remains at 28 with only one survivor among the 24 that have been hospitalized having been critically injured. The youngest of the survivors was an 8-month-old baby. 


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