Cape Townians Prayers Answered As Water Tariffs Are Lowered

Residents of Cape Town have previously complained that water tariffs have been hiked and that they are being charged for water at prices they can't afford. Luckily for them, water tariffs in the province will now be decreased.

Cape Townians have said that even with efforts to save water, their water bills are still sitting at high totals and this has in turn been adding stress to their lives.

The City of Cape Town is now saying that they will lower the water tariffs and water restrictions it put into place during its drought. 

"The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee (Mayco) unanimously supported the City’s decision to lift water restrictions in Cape Town and to move to the lowest tariff, being the no restriction, water-wise tariff"

These new tariffs are set to come into effect from 1 November.

A resident of Cape Town told eNCA that the reason for the elderly in his community being sick is due to stress from these high water bills. One resident's water bill stood at almost R100 000.

The City of Cape Town stated, "The lifting of all restriction measures, except for existing water regulations permanently in place due to the proactive management of water resources, will allow for water-wise usage, in line with the lowest tariff, which is slightly lower than the current, second lowest tariff level."

Dams in the province's Water Supply System are now 100 percent full. The City is projecting that dams are unlikely to drop below 50% by next winter.

Read the full statement from the City of Cape Town here.

As for other parts of the country, some areas in Johannesburg do not have water as they saw water being unexpectedly cut off in these areas. This comes as Johannesburg experienced a heat wave.

These unexpected water cuts are believed to be due to a power outage from Rand Water on Wednesday which affected their ability to pump water to their reservoirs and towers. 

Tankers have been deployed to some areas to aid this issue temporarily. 

Johannesburg Water spokesperson, Issac Dhludhlu, told eNCA, "They have managed to restore the service on Wednesday evening which meant that they were able to pump water from their reservoirs into our reservoirs".

However, because of the outage, most of the reservoirs ran dry and were closed down to preserve the infrastructure. 

This all then resulted in people in larger parts of the area didn't have water.

All the reservoirs which were impacted are now said to have recovered except for one. 

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