CEO Of Profmed Believes Vaccine Rollout Needs To Speed Up

Many have voiced their opinions that the third wave of COVID-19 may be worse than the first and second wave. 


Craig Comrie, the CEO of Profmed Medical Scheme, was interviewed by Bruce Whitfield from 702. 

Comrie believes that the country is headed for a fourth and fifth wave if the vaccine distribution is not sped up.

"The numbers show that the third wave is going to be even worse than the second wave - the next few weeks will tell, but I think we're probably in the peak of the third wave over the next two or three days," stated Comrie.

He believes that the country needs to use more than one supplier.

"One thing we need to learn is that we can't keep on holding on to one supplier of vaccines - we need to be considering the Sputniks, the Sinopharm... and not just narrow it down to an AstraZeneca or even a Johnson & Johnson," said Profmed CEO.

However, Comrie acknowledges that progress has been made, as walk-in facilities have opened up.

Profmed CEO announced that he has formed a team tasked with checking whether each member and beneficiary over 60 years old is registered for vaccinations and can reach their designated site.

The company has also partnered with some of the providers to make sure that vaccines are delivered to the homes of those who are not mobile

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