Julius Malema Opposes Tighter Covid-19 Restrictions

President Cyril Ramaphosa is planning to take South Africa back to level 5 lockdown for 21 days, according to EFF leader Julius Malema.


EFF leader, Julius Malema raised his concerns regarding the worsening infection rate of Covid-19 infections amid the ongoing third wave, adding that the government is doing a poor job handling the pandemic and that the President plans on implementing tighter restrictions. 

During an interview with Newsroom Afrika’s Xoli Mngambi on Tuesday, Malema said he had it on good authority that Ramaphosa was planning to take South Africa to a hard level 5 lockdown.

“You do not need to quote me, I am live, the man is plotting to take us back to level 5,” Malema said.

Malema also clarified his controversial remarks that the party would not comply with lockdown regulations.

We won’t support that, because the purpose of the lockdown is to allow the state to prepare health facilities, including procuring vaccines so that you can reopen the country, you can vaccinate people and also have more health facilities available.

“So it looks like the ANC strategy is that lockdown is the solution to coronavirus and we cannot allow that, it cannot be a solution,” Malema added

“From the handling of this vaccine programme, it has been one mess after the other and it is very clear there is no programme by the government to vaccinate our people.”

The unemployed youth of South Africa need jobs. [Lockdown] level 3 will not give them jobs. Gatherings will not give them jobs. What will give them jobs is a vaccine and the reopening of a country so they can go hunting [for jobs]. We are excluded from the economy.

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