Outgoing North West Premier Leaves ANC Divided

The outgoing North West Premier, Job Mokgoro, is reported to have not handed his resignation despite there already being a newly elected candidate to replace him. Read further for more details.


The Premier of the North West, Job Mokgoro, whose days are numbered, is still adamant to stay in office eventhough the ANC at Luthuli House has already found his replacement.

Supporters of Mokgoro took to the streets burning tyres in demonstration of their unhappiness about the ANC's decision to replace Mokgoro as Premier.

One of the unhappy business leaders of the North West said the removal of Mokgoro is an overthrow of the government in the province by the opposition faction of the ANC.

He also continued to say that there is no lack of service delivery in the province and that Mokgoro had brought stability in the province.

Mokgoro supporters said the burning of tyres is just an indication of what is coming should Mokgoro be removed by the ANC. The North West Premier was formally removed at 13h00 yesterday and replaced by Busy Maape.

Its reported that replaced Premier Mokgoro, who assumed office in 2018, following weeks of violent anti-Supra Mahumapelo protests that resulted in several deaths and destruction to property and infrastructure – leaves the office in a worse state.

Mokgoro has been criticised for notoriously dismissing MECs that served under his predecessor, Supra Mahumapelo, who also didn’t have a good stay in office as North West Premier.

Outgoing Mokgoro is still on suspension from the ANC, a decision he is appealing after he and four other ANC members of the provincial legislature were accused of having voted with the opposition party in an election of the Chair defying ANC mandate.

The North West Province is no stranger to factional battles which often lead to protests when one of their leaders is removed from office.

The demonstrations by Mokgoro supporters infront of the ANC North West provincial office served no threat to the decision to remove Mokgoro as Bushy Maape is now the new Premier in the province.

Maape was officially appointed by the ANC headquarters at Luthuli House making it impossible for Mokgoro to remain in office.

Mokgoro’s wish was to leave a united ANC in the North West province as it was divided under the leadership of Supra Mahumapelo. It’s safe to say that he also leaves the office as he found it.

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