Outstanding UIF-TERS Payments Remain

Even though the UIF has said that they have made payments to TERS beneficiaries and continue to do so, many have said that they have not received their funds. The fund has now addressed this.


Even though the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has said that they have made payments to Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) beneficiaries and continue to do so, many have said that they have not received their funds. The fund has now addressed this.

As last month came to an end, UIF said that they would pay outstanding TERS funds for April until September. The fund also paid out funds to foreign nationals who  were validated by the the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the Department of Labour. 

Though the UIF has said this, many beneficiaries have said that they have not received any funds as well as complaining about waiting in long queues for information and funds.

UIF's Acting Commissioner, Marsha Bronkhurst, said that they have paid more than 13 million TERS payments which will come to around 4.8 million employees being paid.

Two days before Christmas, UIF made payments amounting to almost R1 billion to TERS beneficiaries. 

Payments continued on Thursday as payments are done on a rolling basis.

Bronkhurst could not give an accurate number to how many payments are outstanding saying that they have issues with bank verifications and employers not declaring their workers to the UIF.

I cannot pay someone if I'm not aware of someone and I have to pay someone into the correct banking account. If that continues to fail, and we do put the message on the TERS portal to say 'bank validation verification has failed please contact the bank'. 

In some instances, employers declared that employees received a salary which was equal to their normal salary which leads to them not receiving payment or even qualifying.

Another reason for a delay in payment, Bronkhurst says, could be due to a different surname being on the system when compared to Home Affairs.

Other complaints beneficiaries have are that they are not receiving answers to their queries. To this, Bronkhurst responds, "It would be disingenuous for me to say we do not have challenges like every other employer in the country, we were also hit by Covid-19 in the positive cases which means I have to withdraw people from the floor".

UIF is however managing these challenges to the best of their ability, she continues to explain. Some workers are working from home and were given the necessary tools to do so.

"With the current spike we've seen a substantial amount of people being infected and I suspect it will continue for some time."

The Acting Commissioner said that it is embarrassing when payments aren't made but that the fund was never geared to make such a large amount of payments.


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