Post Office Warns SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Against Paying For Queue Space

The SA Post Office is warning customers not to pay self-appointed queue marshals or any of their employees in exchange for a place in front of the queue at any of their branches.



The South African Post Office (SAPO) has advised its customers to not pay any fee demanded by any of their employees, queue marshals or any other person who makes such a request because it is illegal. 

This comes after they have been made aware of instances where self-appointed queue marshals ask customers who visit their branches for a fee in exchange of a place in the front of the queue.

In a statement issued on Monday, SAPO said that upon experiencing this, customers should consider laying a charge of bribery and corruption at their nearest police station. 

There is close co-operation between the Post Office’s Security and Investigations Unit and the SA Police Services, and formal charges will help put a stop to this opportunistic and unethical behaviour.

However, the Post Office says that it has no jurisdiction over the behaviour of members of the public outside of its premises.

The organisation urges members of the public to report any postal crime, or a crime committed by any SAPO employee on their toll-free crime-buster hotline on 0800 020 070.

Additionally, recipients of the R350 grabt do not have to visit their local post office every month. They can choose to have their grant paid into a Postbank account and use their Postbank card to access the grant.

Customers are advised to visit their local post office branch to make this arrangement.

Should you be receiving your R350 grant through the Post Office, you need to wait for an SMS before you go to collect it. SASSA has also said beneficiaries should not visit the Post Office to enquire about when their grant will be paid and to instead wait for the SMS.

Beneficiaries are also urged to provide banking details to receive the grant should they have a bank account as payment would then be faster.


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