President Ramaphosa Backs Decision To Stay Under Zuma During State Capture

President Cyril Ramaphosa maintains that he had limited knowledge of the full extent of state capture, saying that it was nicely hidden. Click now to read more about how he believes it was the right decision to continue serving under former President Jacob Zuma.


During his final testimony at the Zondo Commission, President Ramaphosa said that there were five options available to those opposed to the state capture network during Zuma’s term as President.

Ramaphosa said he could have stepped down, particularly when former president Jacob Zuma appointed Des van Rooyen as the minister of finance in December 2015 but that remaining in his position and running for the presidency was necessary in order to effect the necessary changes.

We had all the choices, a number of us, and we stayed with the view of ensuring that we should move forward to change things, so, with hindsight, I would say yes because today we are in a much better position to effect changes than our people want.

Ramaposa, who was the country's deputy president at the time, also admitted to understanding the extent of the damage through channels outside of government. including media, civil society and Chapter 9 institutions. He also defended himself against those critical of him for not being in the know about what was happening.

You see, state capture was quite nicely hidden and that is borne out by what we are hearing here, the suspension of people and all that.

The president continues to face mounting criticism for his role during his tenure as Deputy President with one of his most vocal critics being Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, John Steenhuisen.

Steenhuisen, who has been attending and following proceedings on multiple occasions, said the president has not been forthcoming and labelled his version of events as an omission of the truth.

We were raising these issues in Parliament when he was the leader of government business and the deputy president.

"He cannot claim ignorance of these matters, he knew what was going on because we all knew what was going on." 


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