Ramaphosa Speaks on Zuma’s Arrest

President Cyril Ramaphosa decides to break his silence about the arrest of the former President Jacob Zuma. Zuma is currently serving his 15 months sentence for contempt of court. Read further for more.


President Cyril Ramaphosa finally breaks his silence on the former President Jacob Zuma’s arrest. Ramaphosa said he didn’t have any conversations with the former President before his arrest early this month.  

No, I did not speak to former President Jacob Zuma before he handed himself over, I regarded that as the process that must be handed in the normal course. So, there was really no need for that.

However, Ramaphosa said he has been looking for the opportunity to speak to Zuma before the arrest, but the opportunity never presented itself.

The recent looting unrest witnessed in the past weeks has also been associated with the arrest of Zuma. Ramaphosa was reported to have suspected an organised crime by his enemies to destabilize the country under his leadership.

More problems have been growing under Ramaphosa’s administration with suspected tensions within the ANC leadership. The suspended Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize, has been another topic of interest.

Mkhize has been suspected due to allegations of tender corruption and Special Investigating Unity (SIU) confirmed his involvement in the tender process.

This is also after a delayed reshuffling of Ministers in his Cabinet including vacant positions that are not occupied.

There has been concerns about Ramaphosa’s decisive action in appointing the new Minister of Health as it is the most crucial portfolio under the surge of Covid-19.

Ramaphosa insists that there are missing elements in the Mkhize case to decide on any action as he is busy applying his mind in the process.

I have received the SIU report there is still some finalisation of certain aspects which we are going to get. So, I’m looking at it, I’m studying it.

Ramaphosa’s tensions with Zuma have been evident in the events that have occurred in the country where unity in the ANC has only been by word of mouth, not action.

Zuma's arrest has also sparked the underlying tensions with the ANC leadership with a divide as the country experienced looting riots in the past weeks.

Ramaphosa asked to be allowed time to follow the legal processes where he is needed to take a decision. In earlier reports, Ramaphosa noted the supremacy of the constitutional court when asked about Zuma arrest.

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