SA Reaches 14 million Covid-19 Vaccinations

According to the Department of Health's latest statistics, South Africa has managed to execute over 14 million COVID-19 doses of vaccine, and more than six million people being fully vaccinated as of 8 September 2021. 


The Department of Health has released a progress report that the country rolled out about 217 613 vaccine doses on Wednesday, 8 September 2021.

This adds up to over 14million vaccinations, which also translates to over 10.3 million people who have either vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer vaccine, where about 42% are men and 57.75% are women.  

The reports by the department confirmed that 6 888 163 adults are completely vaccinated and, 127 651 people were fully vaccinated in the past 24 hours.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) also informed that 7 338 people tested positive in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of confirmed cases to 2 836 773. The NICD also revealed that the total infection increase shows a 13.3% positivity rate.

It is however noted by the public health institute that the current rise in infections shows a consistent and sustained decrease in Covid-19 infections. 

Professor Adrian Puren, Acting Executive Director of NICD also gave a positive update from the department of health. 

Although the total number of cases today is higher than yesterday and higher than the average number of new cases per day over the previous seven days, the number of new cases and positivity rate have decreased nationally compared to last week.

Puren indicated that there has been a clear provincial difference in when and how the Covid-19 infections increased. He also added that there is a current and uniform decrease of new Covid-19 infections in all provinces.

However, the Head of Response and Public Health Surveillance team, Dr Michelle Groome, said people must be more careful regardless of the current good news.

Groome advised that people must continue adhering to the health measures by wearing their masks, sanitizing hands and social distancing to prevent the Covid-19 spread.

The number of Covid-19 hospitalisations losing their lives has also decreased when compared to last week. Only 253 more people that lost their lives, pushing the death toll to 84 152.

Dr Groome said mass vaccination is necessary to ensure a significant decrease in Covid-19 infections, so that lives and livelihoods in the coming months are saved.

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