South Africa Moves to Adjusted Level 3 Lockdown – New Rules Enforced

Last night, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the move to alert level 3 of lockdown with new regulations in place. This comes after the country was placed on alert level 4 lockdown rules on 28 June 2021 due to rising infections under third wave of Covid-19 pandemic.



On Sunday 25, President Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country to adjusted level 3 of lockdown rules. The country was placed under alert level 4 of lockdown rules on 28 June due to rising pressure of infections under third wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

The new regulations are in force as from 26 July 2021 midnight as follows:

  • Sale of alcohol is permitted
  • Interprovincial travel allowed
  • Evening curfew is now 22h00 to 04h00
  • Non-essential establishments, such as restaurants, gyms, and fitness centres, can operate but must close by 21h00.
  • Gatherings are allowed but 100 people outdoors and 50 people Indoors
  • Only 50 people allowed to attend funerals.
  • Schools can now reopen as from 26 July 2021 

The new changes are in force with immediate effect as from Sunday evening of 26 July 2021.

In the coming weeks, Ramaphosa said the government will increase the rate of vaccinations. This includes increasing the number of vaccination sites, and the vaccination capacity during weekends in order to get more people vaccinated.

The President said people will be able to present themselves to vaccination sites without appointment.

Within the next two to three months, we are scheduled to receive around 31 million additional doses from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. This supply pipeline means that there will be sufficient vaccine doses available for the rest of the year.

The ages between 18-34 were also announced to be due for vaccinations by September.

Adjusted level 3 lockdown rules come as a result of the drop in infections in hotspots areas like Gauteng province which threatened dangerous spread of the virus. The known provinces which didn’t really have the expected effect yet are Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal province.

Ramaphosa mentioned the recent unrest of looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng province, saying that the government will help rebuild destroyed businesses. The Adjusted level 3 lockdown was long expected as more businesses in the alcohol and entertainment industry closed down due to significant loss of profits.

The confusion in the reopening of schools has also been cleared as schools reopened on Monday the 26th.

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