US Campaigning Sees One Last Frantic Day Before Vote

The United States electorate of more than 255 million people will be able to cast their votes on Tuesday the 3rd November, in what is being hailed as one of the most important elections for decades. And even before the day arrives 70 million voters have already cast their votes, either in person or via mail-in ballots.

The Democratic contenders have some big name stars joining them.  Lady Gaga will be appearing with Joe Biden at a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh and John Legend will join Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris at a rally in Philadelphia.

Trump started his Monday campaigning in Michigan as he hopes to maintain his support amongst the white, middle-class voters who handed him a narrow electoral college victory in 2016, against the challenger Hillary Clinton.

CNN reported that he arrived late to the rally, telling the crowd, "It's a little tough out here", as he shouted over the gusting winds. The polls show that Joe Biden has a ten point national lead - but Hillary Clinton also had a national lead and still lost the election because of the electoral college system.  Michigan is one of the states, along with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that look like they could be crucial on the day.  Polling suggests that they will all go to Joe Biden, but his campaign are much too cautious to declare anything too early. 

Polls in 2016 showed that Hillary Clinton was the favourite to win, but the night didn't end her way. Part of the problem was leveled at the 'shy Trump voters' - those who were going to vote for Trump but were too shy to tell pollsters that when they were asked. It seems counter-intuitive, most Trump supporters seem very vocal and happy to show their support for their candidate - but it might have been an issue then. Could it still cause a upset for the Biden campaign in 2020?

Something else that was a problem for Hillary Clinton on 2016 was that she was a very unpopular candidate.  Many decades as the first lady to Bill Clinton, many decades in the limelight, and a personality that was possibly a bit too easy to rub people up the wrong way.  There are many who would argue that being a woman running for the Presidency is also a big problem, as sexist attitudes still exist.

Whatever the truth of those claims candidate Joe Biden has always been widely liked. Despite a mini-scandal which tried to suggest that he was too keen to give shoulder massages, he remains widely liked.  A middle-class American who hails from the modest, small town of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

He was a United States Senator for more than 3 decades and rather than flying or taking a fancy chauffeur-driven car, he commuted between his home and Washington DC by train. That was a time when he was known as a friendly face who was interested in everyone, not just the famous and influential, the kind of characteristics that American voters used to hold in high esteem, before Trump.

Campaigning for a second term as President, Donald Trump hails the success of the economy in his first term - before the Covid-19 pandemic put paid to that. A pandemic he blames on China and takes no responsibility for.  On the campaign trail he has been claiming that the media are focusing on Covid-19 to make him look bad - even as case counts have soared to 100 000 daily, nationwide.

Counting will start as the polls close on Tuesday night in the US. In previous years the result was usually clear in the early hours of Wednesday morning, SA time.  With neither side in any hurry to concede defeat on the night, and both sides 'lawer-ed up' for court challenges to any close results, it is likely to take much longer than usual to get a definitive result. That is unless the Democrats pull of a landslide 'blue wave' that makes it clear to Donald Trump that he has no hope of success. Anything less than a landslide is unlikely to persuade him to leave the White House without a fight!

President Donald Trump was causing rumours to spread in media as he has always managed to do. As Dr Anthony Faucci has become more vocal in this criticism of the Trump administration's handling of the Covid-19 epidemic, Trump was probably to be expected to ramp up his response. At a rally in Florida the crowd broke into a chant of 'Fire Faucci'.  Trump responded, "Don't tell anybody, but let me wait until a little bit after the election. I appreciate the advice."

While Trump can always call on his old favourites like bashing respected scientists like Dr Faucci to energise his base - Joe Biden has some powerful friends he can call on. Has he mentioned before that he's friends with Barack Obama??

If anybody else had been showing off their baseball skills while they were with Joe Biden it might be seen to be detracting from the candidate, but with Obama there's lots of glory to go round! Candidate Biden was probably happy to remind everyone just how cook his friend Barack is!!


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